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About Us


European Expert Group focuses exclusively on the fields of Experts


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EEG - the political and social advocacy in Europe


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Professional ID Card


The standardised professional ID card for independent experts in Europe,
the EuropeanExperts Card.


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European trade associations, organizations and institutions is open to membership


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Certification / Education


The cachet of the EEG has an excellent reputation in Europe and secures the experts are highly acclaimed.


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The EEG sees itself as a voice of European experts


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In order to become a member of the European Experts Group, a few requirements must be met. The most important prerequisites:
membership is reserved for professional associations, organisations and institutions that offer qualification programmes for experts in one or more fields and on a national level.

Expert members of the individual associations must be able to demonstrate above-average qualifications in their field of specialisation - the professional association should be prepared to substantiate this with a written battery of tests. This excludes accreditation and certification according to the European standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 - "EU certified" experts do not need to provide additional proof of their qualifications. The same applies for publicly appointed and sworn experts. Such cases will be decided individually, following a professional discussion or expert opinion review process.

You, too, can benefit from a membership in the European Experts Group
& discover the benefits offered through the concentration of expertise in our extensive network !

  • The EEG acts as the mouthpiece for independent experts. Europe-wide.
  • The EEG is among the largest knowledge networks for independent experts, uniting the best of the best among European experts in all fields.
  • As a member, you will receive information and insight into important professional developments ahead of your competition. This is an essential advantage for securing your market position!
  • As a member of the EEG community, you will make new contacts in your own country as well as the rest of Europe, both in your field of expertise and beyond.
    There is no faster, easier or more efficient way to develop contacts with other experts.
  • Executives of our member organisations enjoy the benefits associated with access to exclusive events, which are attended by personalities of high standing.
    Get to know representatives from the fields of economics, politics and media during annual meetings, trade fairs or political soirées, and socialize on the highest level.
  • Superior support leads to increased efficiency:
    Joining the EEG will bring you many advantages and discounts, as well as special conditions when it comes to service providers, continuing education seminars and access to valuable market data in your field.


In order to become a member, simply fill out our application form and send it to us. The appropriate form is available for download at the end of this article.

Download - application form

What happens after you are accepted into the EEG?

As soon as your professional association, institution or training organisation have joined the European Experts Group, we will send you a personal welcome gift.
Managers or directors will also receive a personal EEG card in addition to their gift.


Further, you will receive a list of all EEG topics for which you may nominate experts from within your organisation or association. They will then be included in our database, allowing us to send out targeted invitations to events and pass on relevant information to those who may be interested.


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